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It was a Chinese New Year weekend and Phoebe suggested we go for lap-mei-fan (腊味饭), literally translated as preserved meat or Chinese waxed meat steamed rice.  Lap-mei refers to assorted Chinese waxed meat such as Chinese sausages, duck meat and pork meats are commonly eaten during Chinese New Year. It is also considered as an ideal gift during this festive celebration.

We know there are a few restaurants in the Hague serving lap-mei-fan. Somehow, we ended up in this corner little restaurant at the heart of Chinatown, names New Sing Kee Cantonese Restaurant 新胜记. We were totally delighted with the food served and promised to come back for more.

New Sing Kee Restaurant, The Hague
Chicken and mushroom steamed rice
New Sing Kee Restaurant, the Hague
Lap-mei-fan (steamed rice with assorted Chinese waxed meat)
New Sing Kee Restaurant, the Hague
Salted fish Meat patty with steamed rice

Operated by the Hong Kong Chinese, this restaurant serves authentic yet excellent Hong Kong cuisine. The lap-mei-fan and zhong-chai-fan (盅仔饭), refers as steamed rice in a pot are prepared fresh upon order. It is simply worth waiting for the 20 minutes for a bowl of hot and tasty streamed rice. Comes in two sizes, customer can either go for the regular or large at a affordable price.

Soft and fluffy rice topped with generous portion of waxed meat coupled with a dash of lap-mei sauce, the lap-mei-fan is indeed rich in flavour since the essence of the preserved meat has penetrated the rice during the steaming process. The thoughtful chef at new Sing Kee allows us to adjust the taste by serving the lap-mei sauce separately.

The chicken-and-mushroom steamed rice tasted equally good too. The chicken pieces are well-marinated and tender. The mushrooms are soft, juicy and offered little resistance when my teeth sinks in. Two thumbs-up !

The meat patty and salted fish steamed rice may look pale but it tasted shockingly good! The key actually lies on a piece of good quality salted fish. Flaky, soft and not overly salty, the salted fish significantly enhanced the flavor of the pork and shrimps patty.

Fried beef Hor Fun noodle
The fried hor fan noodle with beef is another well executed dish here. It is by far the best I have ever tasted, yes ... it tastes even better than the one I tried in Hong Kong. Simple ingredients (beef slices, red onion, bean sprouts and hor fan) yet it tasted sooo sooo good! I do believe it is the cooking technique by the chef that impart sufficient wok heat coupled with the use of superior dark soy sauce that makes the fried hor fan stands up from the rests. Good job, Mr. Chef!

Har gao at New Sing Kee Restaurant, The Hague
Fried shrimps dumpling
Wanton soup New Sing Kee Restaurant, The Hague
Wanton soup
New Sing Kee Restaurant, The Hague
Fish balls soup
The side dishes here are not bad at all, especially the fried shrimp dumplings and wanton soup, both are the MUST order dishes. The fried dumpling skin is crispy and the shrimp filling is fresh and succulent. A very promising dish and I can't be satisfied for only 1 piece per person. The wanton skin is silky soft and the minced pork filling is juicy and flavorful. Lovely! The fishball soup on the other hand  just normal. Sometimes, it is good to have some soup to go with the rice.

New Sing Kee Hong Kong Restaurant is absolutely my top choice for authentic Hong Kong cuisine. Guys, do try out the restaurant if you happen to be in the Hague.

New Sing Kee Cantonese Restaurant
Wagenstraat 63
2512 AP The Hague
Tel: 070 360 0653

Open daily from 12:00 - 22:30
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