Famous Dutch Sausage Roll Saucijzenbroodjes @ Bakker Jaap in Delft

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bakery at Delft
Bakker Jaap @ Wijnhaven 5, Delft
Do let your little nose lead you to this famous bakery shop at the picturesque old Delft city.

If you are taking the main road along the tram line in the Delft, after passing the UNESCO building, turn right, appox 30sec walk, turn left and you will find Bakker Jaap, the famous household bakery in Delft since 1992. You could hardly miss the shop as the strong aroma from the freshly baked breads could be located as far as a hundred meters away.
bakery at Delft
Fresh breads, savory snacks and pastries
Open seven days a week, Bakker Jaap serves fresh breads, buns, savory snacks and pastries. Similar to other typical Dutch bakeries, Bakker Jaap focused on take-away concept. Of course, dine-in is allowed too as there are 4 small tables for customers to take a rest and enjoy their favorite pastries here.

Very popular among the locals, there are usually a long queue during lunch hour in the shop especially in the weekend. The three available counters can sometimes be insufficient to cope with the never ending walk-in customers.

The pastries are no doubt very tempting indeed especially their specialty Saucijzenbroodjes. Saucijzenbroodjes is actually Dutch sausage roll in puff pastry. The sausage-pastry-bun is fluffy inside and crispy outside. Unlike the frozen sausage, the sausage used are marinated minced meat which is rich in flavors.
Bakker Jaap @ Delft
Famous Saucijzenbroodjes

The spinach & feta danish is my favorite. Undeniably, the feta cheese and spinach is a match made in heaven. The cheese coated crispy crust coupled with soft and cheesy spinach filling tasted awesomely good! The danish has indeed made my day!
Savory spinach and feta danish
Savory spinach and feta danish

No hot beverages are serve here but there are a wide array of drinks from the cooler which you can choose from. For me, there is nothing better than having a bottle of freshly squeezed orange juice to quench the thirst after the savory snacks.
Refreshing orange juice
Bakker Jaap and freshly squeezed orange juice
Bakker Jaap
Wijnhaven 5
2611 CR Delft
Tel: 015-2141128


Operational Hours
Mon - Fri    07:00 to 19:00
Sat             07:00 to 18:00
Sun            09:00 to 17:00

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