Best Breakfast in The Hague @ Will's Pancake House

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I recently discovered the best breakfast place in the Hague. It is none other than the famous Will's Pancake House. From the famous Dutch pancake to Belgium waffle, any types of pancake or waffle if you can name it, is served here.

The Will's Pancake House, a familiar brand to the locals, has been serving the delicious home made pancakes and poffertjes (miniature pancakes) in the Hague since 1983. So, don't be surprise to find the locals packed the restaurant especially during the weekend.

Since this is our first visit, we ordered the savory Mushroom-and-Ham Pancake as the main course and end with the restaurant's signature poffertjes, the miniature pancakes as the sweet treat.
Will's Pancake House @ The Hague
Fruit cocktail poffertjes (miniature pancakes)

Will's Pancake House @ The Hague
Mushroom-and-Ham Pancake
The Mushroom-and-Ham pancake tastes good especially when serving hot. It tasted even better when you couple the pancake with a light dip of molasses syrup. The saltiness of the ham and well sauteed mushroom plus the sweet molasses syrup ... what a great combo!

Although the Mushroom-and-Ham pancake tastes good, my vote for the best-pancake-yet went to the fruit cocktail poffertjes (miniature pancakes)! I just like the magical taste of the powdered sugar coated, pipping hot bite-size miniature pancake paired with fruit slices. One phrase to describe - love at first bite!

Great great breakfast at Will's Pancake House. I will be back soon ......

Will's Pancake House @ The Hague
There are powdered sugar and molasses syrup offered on the table. Free flow ... do help yourself :)

Will's Pancake House
Gedempte Gracht 80
2512 KB Den Haag
Tel: 070-3639370

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