Tasty Homemade Roti John Recipe

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Roti John Puteri Erra
Homemade Roti John
I never miss stopping-by the Burger & Roti John stall for a piece of my favorite Roti John every time I visit to pasar malam (night market). Roti John is essentially a Malaysian style savory French toast and  is extremely popular street snack in Malaysia.

There are many variations of roti john, from the choice of buns, the fillings, till the sauce to go with the bread. Of course, my homemade version of Roti John is inspired by Roti John Puteri Erra, from Malacca town with some of my own twists.

Roti John Puteri Erra
Roti John with cabbage, egg, tuna, mayo and chili sauce
Simple ingredients: 
  • soft hotdog buns
  • eggs
  • tuna flake
  • cabbage cut into stripes
  • mayonnaise
  • garlic chili sauce
  • pepper
  • chili powder
  • soy sauce
  • margarine

First, beat the eggs with tuna flake, soy sauce, chili powder and pepper. Set aside for later use. Next, heat up the frying pan and melt the margarine in the pan. Pour in the egg mixture in the pan then place the halved hotdog bun on the egg mixture. Briefly pan-fried the bun until the egg is cooked and the bun turns crispy. Lastly, sandwich the cut cabbage stripes, mayonnaise and garlic chili sauce in the crisped bun. Voila, the piping hot Roti John is ready to be served.

Additional tips

a. you may opt for ice-burg lettuce instead of cabbage. But trust me, cabbage tastes better
b. Margarine is a better option than butter and oil as it brings in the light salty taste and appealing color to the buns
c. tuna flake and chili powder are optional. I added in tuna flake to enhance the texture and chili powder is for the kick. Spicy food is yummy!

I seriously like my homemade Roti John very much, but would experiment the other variations next time. Perhaps the Berkat Roti John’s version which serves with vinegar chili sauce and cucumber slices.

Roti John
Crispy bun from inside out. Yum!

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