Julia's Pasta, La Place, Wok King & HEMA

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I wonder why I had such a huge appetite last weekend, blamed it on the chill weather.

Julia's Pasta:
My eating trail started from Julia's Pasta. Based on Pasta-to-go concept, pasta in Julia's is freshly prepared and packed in the box for take away or dine in. Given the option to choose my choice of pasta, pasta base and toppings, I went for simple arrabiata penne. I did not have to wait long to be served. For less than 10 minutes my order was done.

Quite a disappointment with the pasta. First the portion was rather small and there wasn't enough pasta sauce. It was further let down by a rather bland tasted pasta. In short, I felt like eating the penne from salted boiling  water. 
Overall rating: 4/10
penne arrabiata

La Place:
My next stop, the La Place sandwich counter. Coincide with the ongoing lunch promo, I had a great deal for my Tuna Panini. I felt a bit bizarre to find my tuna panini was actually a slice of thin flax seeds poach with tuna flakes and some green. Seriously, it was not the usual grilled panini which I expected. A mere €3 for a big piece of tuna sandwich, I have no complaint, just dug in happily.

Simple sandwich but tasted shocking good! The apple chucks in the tuna filling made a significant difference to the overall taste of the sandwich. The nuttiness of the flax seeds, the freshness of the ice-burg lettuce, the saltiness of the tuna flakes and the crunchiness of apple chunks made the sandwich tasted so addictive. 
Overall rating: 9/10
La Place

Wok King:
The chill weather made me crave for carbs. So, I made my third stop at Wok King, a Chinese fast food joint which serves fast food fresh (cook on the spot). My pick was fried noodle in Thai sauce.

Please do not mistaken it as spicy noodle soup although it may look like one from first glance. It was actually a bowl of fried noodle. I am a gravy person, so have no issue with the extra gravy.
Wok King, Leiden

By looking at the picture depicted, you may tell how generous the chef was. Half of the bowl was indeed packed with shrimps, tofu, mushroom and various greens. The spiciness of the Thai sauce really added a kick to the dish. I like it very much. A big mmm... mmm.... (sweat + smile)!! 
Overall rating: 8/10
Noodle in Thai sauce
Hema was my final stop of the day. Afraid I would get hungry in the train, I packed the chicken & bacon sandwich plus a bottle of freshly squeezed orange juice with me for the return train ride.

The train was rather bumpy, hence no photo was taken for the sandwich. However, I did manage to catch a shot of the artistically packed Hema's teabags while queuing up.
Overall rating: 8/10
Hema, the Netherlands
Perhaps I am few kilograms heavier after these meals ...

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