Affordable and tasty food @ Manor Food court in Basel City, Switzerland.

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We have been looking for a 'market place' concept restaurant or rather a food court like La Place and HEMA food court in Basel city, Switzerland. We finally found one on the final day of our trip: the Manor Food court @ Basel City.

Situated at the top floor of Manor Shopping Mall, the food court is the locals' favorite lunching paradise. The food court is packed with lunch crowds from the nearby financial district on the weekdays.

There are wide variety of options here. Pasta, soup, pizza, fried & grilled stuffs, drinks, assorted desserts are all at your pick. The price range is about the same as La Place in NL but comparing with local Swiss standards, dining here is comparatively affordable.

Baked fish fillet in breadcrumb and 3 sidelines for less than €10. Quite a deal!
Manor Foodcourt @ Basel City

The baked potatoes were really yummy while the fish fillet was slightly lack of seasoning. However the taste could be improved with a sprinkle of sea salt. But I would prefer some tomato ketchup to go with it.
Manor Foodcourt @ Basel City
The little baked cheese casserole pot with bacon, assorted veggie, mushroom and pasta. If you like cheesy and creamy staffs, this could be dish that fit your bill.
Manor Foodcourt @ Basel City

The grapes tart with almond flakes was the dessert to end our meal. I like the fruity taste of baked grapes. The natural sweetness of the caramelized grapes coupled with the nutty taste of almond flaked plus the thin layer of crispy pastry as the base, every bite was full with satisfaction.
Manor Foodcourt @ Basel City

Do give Manor Food court a try if you happen to be in Basel city, Switzerland.
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