Amazing Pork Knuckles @ La Fontaine Luxembourg

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Clock struck 6pm, I was completely starving after hours of airplane plus train ride from the Netherlands to Luxembourg (Note: by air from Amsterdam to Basel, then by train from Basel to Luxembourg).

Right after checking in to the hotel, I left very little energy for my dinner hunting. What I really need at that moment was a filling meal at any of the restaurant close vincinity to Mercure Hotel Luxembourg. With a hungry tummy, we passed by the La Fontaine restaurant which serve decent local cuisine with fair price. With no second thought, we just grabbed a seat and started ordering.

Roasted Pork Knuckle and Sauerkraut
La Fontaine, Luxembourge
The pork knuckle was really good. The meat was juicy and practically fell off the bone. The sauerkraut added the soul to the overall dish. Savory meat coupled with tangy sauerkraut made the dish so irresistible.There is nothing best to enjoy the meal than a glass of local beer. A big Mmmm...

La Fontaine, Luxembourge
This sinful pork knuckle was huge. We really struggled to finish the dish despite our great hunger. 

Chicken Pasta A'la Creme
La Fontaine, Luxembourge
I was pleased that we actually ordered the pasta. The pasta was rather plain in taste but paired really well with the pork knuckle. Another plus point for the pasta was it was not overly creamy and the decorative paprika powder sprinkled around the plate added the extra kick. Somehow, both dishes we ordered blended in perfectly!

The food portion being served was rather generous and left us with no room for dessert. I was originally targeting the pipping hot crepes with strawberries and chocolate sauce but in the end was simply too full for it. Perhaps next time.

We thoroughly enjoyed the both the food and ambiance at La Fontaine restaurant. Alfresco dining is simply perfect for summer.

La Fontaine Restaurant 
25, Place de Paris,  
Luxembourg City L-2314, Luxembourg
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