Gerookte Paling Dutch Smoked Eel Sandwich

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I discovered Gerookte Paling: Dutch Smoked Eel through a Taiwanese travel program long before arriving in the Netherlands.In fact this delicacy is not too hard to find at all in NL. Usually, any of the herring stalls would have sell this delicacy too. Of course, those are the post-smoked ones which have turned cold.

Being influenced by the travel program hostess, I believe the freshly smoked gerookte paling would taste better since they are served pipping hot. Hence, gerookte paling sold over herring stalls would never be an option for me.

A short trip to 's-Hertogenbosch, southern Netherlands brought me a chance to get up-close with this delicacy, both gastronomical experience and the preparation process.

Cleaned eels are skewered and air dry on the rack before sending for smoking.
Gerookte Paling, Dutch Smoked Eel Sandwich
The eels are then sent to this little box for the smoking. The process takes hours and the end produce would be the golden browned and charred gerookte paling. The color really looks appealing, plus the greasy coat at the outer layer (fish fat extracted during the smoking process)  and there is no way you could resist it.
Gerookte Paling, Dutch Smoked Eel

The freshly smoked gerookte paling are then being 'harvested' and arranged in a metal tray. Gerookte paling is sold as a whole fish by itself or you can have it as sandwich. I opted for a sandwich as it is inconvenience to enjoy the whole eel at the food stall without proper utensils and table.
Dutch Smoked Eel Sandwich
My first taste of gerookte paling, Dutch smoked eel sandwich. Smokey, creamy and fresh on which the eel instantly melted into my mouth. Unlike the grilled eel which is flaky, the smoked eel preserved the texture of fresh fish. Quite an exquisite taste and if you are fond of sashimi, you gonna love this!

Lekker, gerookte paling!
Gerookte Paling

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