Nyonya Malaysia Express @ Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Nasi lemak or coconut milk rice

Words just could not described how excited I was when seeing this signboard "Nyonya Malaysia Express" in the Amsterdam city.

Not being exaggerated here but I really failed to find any Malaysian Restaurants in The Hague area which served the authentic Malaysian signature dishes like nasi lemak, roti canai, char keoy teow, rojak, curry laksa and teh tarik. Although with a name that matches the historical state in Malaysia, the Malacca Restaurant in the Hague does not serve any dish close to the signature dishes mentioned above. Quite a disappointment when the images of my favourite nasi lemak and laksa depicted at the front cover of the menu were not even listed as a dish offered in the menu.

It was thankfully the polar opposite with Nyonya Malaysia Express. It has every dish I crave for (for months) and I was totally spoiled by the selections. We both ended up ordering their signature nasi lemak, char keoy teow and teh tarik.

I don't really fancy teh tarik but love the teh tarik served here. Unlike the teh tarik at the mamak stalls back home, this is the quality teh tarik, not overly sweet, not too milky and most importantly it has the strong aroma of quality tea. 
Nyonya Malaysia Express, AmsterdamI was drooling away while taking the shots for the char keoy teow, also known as stir-fried flat rice noodles. Hailed from Malaysia, the chef produced a plate of char keoy teow almost as good as the one you can find in Penang. Packed with succulent prawns, fish cakes and beans sprouts, and most importantly the breath of the wok ‘wok-hei’was prominent throughout. This is perhaps the best char keoy teow you can get in The Netherlands.
Nyonya Malaysia Express, Amsterdam
The nasi lemak (rice cooked in coconut milk) is lip-smacking good. The fragrance of the rich coconut milk and pandan leaf immediately filled the air when the dish was served. The rice is cooked to perfection with individual strand still intact. It is actually what a plate of good nasi lemak kukus should strive to achieve.

A dash of spicy and savory sambal complete this plate of awesome nasi lemak. The best way to enjoy the nasi lemak is to mix the sambal with the peanut and fried anchovies and top it up with a spoonful of rice. All the contrasting flavours mixed together (crunchy, spicy, nutty, salty), it tastes heavenly!!

Other condiments such as veggies achar (Nyonya style pickles) and fried chicken wings tasted equally good. I especially like the sweet and sour achar, very refreshing. The fried chicken wings are indeed a bonus as I did not expect it to be this good. Well marinated, tender and juicy inside and crispy outside.

Nyonya Malaysia Express, Amsterdam
For such a great Malaysian cuisine in The Netherlands, I really wouldn't mind paying the premium price of €12 for a plate of nasi lemak, which equivalent to over MYR50 comparing to only MYR8.9 for a plate of nasi lemak in Old Town Kopitiam back home.

Nyonya Malaysia Express 娘椰马来西亚美食站
Kloveniersburgsval 38
Amsterdam 1012CW 
Tel: 020-4222447
Mob: 06-17828888
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