Perfect Home Away from Home @ Adagio Studio Suite Basel City

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EUR50 for a return flight to Basel from Amsterdam is just too good to be missed. However the hotel rate in Swiss is a complete polar opposite. Even a room in a 3 stars hotel is commanding a rate of above 100 Euros.

To still enjoy our trip with limited budget, we opted for the studio apartment which is equipped with basic amenities such as kitchen appliances and laundry ware which allow us to do our own cooking and laundry. This can definitely help to save some bucks.

We found this 3 stars studio suite, Adagio Studio Suite at Basel City which fits the bill perfectly. Well equip studio suite with strategic location for EUR 130 per night.

  • Kitchen: well-equipped kitchen with build-in electronic stove, microwave, dishwasher, fridge, electrical cattle, coffee maker, cooking wares and utensils. Even the washing liquid and sponge are provided too.
  • Bathroom: the space of the bathroom is rather small but space is well maximized with build in dryer to dry your cloths.

To maximize the limited space available most of the cabinets and wardrobe are built-in; side table could be extended to form a wider table for dining and the bed provided is a sofa bed. By flipping the mattress against the wall, you get the sofa frame. With the separate cushion pillows on it, it is comfy sofa. Just brilliant!!
Adagio Studio Suite @ Basel City

We really made full use of the kitchen in the suite throughout our two nights stay, 2 breakies and 1 dinner.

The western breakies: toasts, sunny side up, mushroom chicken ham and some salad. We got all the ingredients from the Migros grocer at the central train station.
Adagio Studio Suite @ Basel City

The dinner: Korean spicy Ramen with eggs, greens and local Swiss sausage. Yup, we pop-by Migros again on our way back to the hotel to get the ready the yummy local Swiss sausage and fresh greens. We were lucky as there is an Asian grocer just a stone throw away from the hotel and there was where we got the Korean spicy Ramen :).
Adagio Studio Suite @ Basel City
We did have a very enjoyable stay in the hotel and definitely will opt for Adagio Studio Suite chain again when we travel to other European cities. Love it.
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