Stunning Autumn Scenery in The Hague

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 0 Comments A+ a-

Winter is just around the corner. Mercury that barely touched double digits, frosty mornings, hails and damp air are all the telltale signs that winter has arrived.

I know the stunningly vivid autumn will wave us goodbye soon. Thus, I grabbed my trusty DSLR fitted with prime lens and headed to the parks in The Hague for some amazing autumn shots.

Featured in this post are some of the magnificent shots which I captured in several parks including the Clingendael Park, Jozef Israëlsplein Park, Voorburg Park and Rijswijk Park.

1) Jozef Israëlsplein Park
I just adored this pictorial shot. It was taken at the quiet park near to the Jozef Israëlsplein Park. When the sun shines through the sea of vividly yellowish and reddish leaves, it transformed the entire park lane into fairytale like golden lane.
Clingendael Park

The Clingendael Japanese Tuin is closed for public when I visited the park. This is the only shot I managed to capture through the closed gate.
Another favourite shot of mine, taken from the park in the old town of Voorburg. The park was busier than usual due to the Saturday market and the visit of Sinterklaus (Dutch version of Santa Claus). Glad that I found this quiet moment for my perfect shot.

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