Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant @ Luxembourg City

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You can spot numerous Indian restaurants named after the famous white marble Taj Mahal palace in almost every country. I doubt these restaurants are franchised under the same restaurant chain. The only reasonable explanation is to leverage on the famous name and one of the 7 wonders of the world. Taj Mahal after all is synonymous with India, let it be the uniqueness of the country or the authenticity of Indian cuisine.

After days surviving on bread and pasta, I developed the great craving for rice. When I first spotted the restaurant while strolling near the main train station of Luxembourg, I knew I gonna have Indian cuisine for dinner. 6pm sharp, Pheobie and myself head straight to the restaurant.

We basically knew exactly what to order as we have scanned through the menu when we passed by the restaurants earlier. Similar to Chinese restaurants, the serving of the main dishes are usually huge and meant for sharing. 

We picked vegetable samosa as the starter, papadom as side dish and chicken Dopiaza (ala carte menu that serve with white rice) as the main course. I added-on the house special chapatti as they simply looked tempting in the photo.

The service was prompt. Right after our order was taken, we were served with the drinks. Caught us by surprise, the tonic served was the Indian Tonic, truly an Indian experience!

The vegetable samosa tasted fine but not a dish to shout about. The filling was good but not for the pastry skin, a tad too thick for my liking.
Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant, Luxembourg

The chicken Dopiaza was extraordinarily good. Chicken pieces were well-marinated and cooked to perfection. The consistency of the gravy was just right and went perfectly either with the long grained basmati rice or chapatti. Packed with great flavours, it is definitely the star dish that you will not go wrong with.
Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant, Luxembourg

I love the puffy chapatti. Unlike the flat and dry chapatti back home, the chapatti served here was the puffy version. It formed a thin pouch when you halved the chapatti. The chapatti puffed up nicely where the air in it helps to keep the chapatti moist. Great technique by the chef. Thumbs up!!
Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant, Luxembourg
I would never imagine that the best papadom I ever had is in a small and unassuming Indian restaurant in the faraway land of Luxembourg. Unlike the normal plain papadom, this one was packed with cumin seeds. Not sure what is the in-house secret which made the papadom so crunchy and crispy.
Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant, Luxembourg
Quality food, affordable price and impeccable service, the Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant in Luxembourg is definitely a highly recommended restaurant. Do give a try if you happens to be in Luxembourg.

Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant
2, Rue de Strasbourg
Luxembourg City L-2560,  

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