Coconut Candy Green Beans Dessert

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I like Coconut Candy but can't really finish the entire packet. Good things should not go on waste. Hence I hatched a brilliant idea to 'consume' all the coconut candies in one go before they went expired. I was a bit skeptical with my wild idea as I have never tried cooking green beans sweet dessert 'tong sui' with coconut candy before. Will it turn out as good as the traditional method with palm sugar? However it turned out to be super good and sharing in the post today is the recipe of the sinful coconut candy green beans dessert.

You just need these THREE ingredients.
175g green beans or mung beans (soaked over night)
200g coconut candy (basically the whole packet)
1.5 liter of water

1.Strained the soaked green beans and wash to remove any remaining particles. Set aside.
2. Pour in 1.5 liter of water in a pot and boil the green beans under medium high heat for 15min.
* Use a strainer to remove the foam from the surface.
3. Under medium heat, boil the green beans for 1.5 hours or until the beans turn soft.
4. Add in the coconut candies and boil for another 10 min. Stir well to dissolve the candies.

Voila ... the coconut candy green beans dessert is ready to be served. Usually the green beans dessert is served with coconut milk but you can skip the coconut milk with this recipe. The coconut candy itself already contained coconut milk and cornflour. This is also the reason of the smooth texture as the cornflour is contributing to this wonderful texture.

You may serve the dessert hot or cold. I especially like the cold version as they are the ideal snack for hot summer days!
Gula Kelapa 椰糖

Coconut candies are made from coconut milk, sugar, cornflour and milk powder.  They may look like the normal caramel candies (slightly darker brown in color) but with different taste profile. The coconut candy has a very strong coconut milk taste. If you like coconut milk, then you will definitely fancy coconut candies.
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