Effortless Egg & Cheese Sesame Seed Bun

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Egg & Cheese Sandwich
Egg & Cheese in Sesame Seed Bun

A Subway Egg White and Cheese Muffin Melt contains only 150 calories ... WOW!

Good piece of info from Yahoo. Check out the link below.

My stomach was groaning while reading through this interesting article the night before. The tempting images of egg muffin kept flashing in my mind throughout the night. Thus, I decided to make one for breakfast the next morning.

I woke up earlier than usual and headed straight to my kitchen for preparation. An egg, 2 slices of cheese, olive oil and a bun were all I that needed for my version of yummy egg and cheese muffin. I substituted the English muffin bread with a sesame seed bun since it was what I have in my kitchen.

If you have a English muffin ring in your kitchen, please use it to cook a perfect round egg. Since I do not have one, I just made a sunny side-up straight on a heated pan. Set aside the egg once it is done.

Next, cut the bun into half and drizzle some olive oil on each slice. You may use butter instead of olive oil. I prefer olive oil as it is less fattening. In a heated pan, slightly brown the bun. The grease of the olive oil will make the bun easier to be browned to a crisp texture and appetizing color palette.

Then, place the cheese on top of the browned bun. With the cheese facing the surface of the heated pan, slightly press the bun so that the melted cheese can be evenly coated on the bun. Lastly, sandwich the egg in between the bun and the melted cheese.Voila ... mmm ... mmm my version of yummy and effortlessly done egg and cheese muffin is ready!

An effortless breakfast in only 15 minutes including the clean-up !! Definitely worth trying ...

Egg & Cheese Burger
Perfect runny yolk sunny side-up
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