Oliebollen, The Traditional Dutch Winter Food

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Oliebollen, literally translated as 'Oil Balls' is also known as Dutch Doughnut. Oliebollen is a traditional Dutch delicacy eaten during winter. This small fried doughnut balls are made from simple ingredients of flour, eggs, milk and yeast. Normally enjoy warm with some sprinkle of powdered sugar on top.

It has been a custom for Dutch to have oliebollen on the new year eve which explained the extra long queues at most of the oliebollen mobile stalls setup on various spots around the city. It typically cost less than 1 Euro per piece and with discount if you purchase in bulk.

I first spotted the oliebollen mobile stalls at the Saturday market in Haarlem. Out of curiosity, I bought these Dutch doughnuts for a try. As the name suggested (Dutch doughnut), they tasted exactly like doughnut except for their unusual baseball shape. For those who prefer something different,  you may opt for the raisin or sultana filled oliebollen. The raisins contribute to different texture and additional tartness
to the normal doughnut.

Dutch eat Oliebollen on the new year eve whilst Chinese eat tang-yuen, 汤圆 on the first day of Winter Solstice when sunshine is weakest and daylight shortest.

I had my Oliebollen on the new year eve, how about you?

Oliebollen & Appelbeignets
Oliebollen Mobile Stall
Oliebollen Mobile Stall

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