Snelle Jelle Krachtige Koek: The No.1 Energy Cake Bar in NL

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No. 1 Energy Cake bar in the Netherlands
Energy cake bar by Snelle Jelle

I always spot fellow passengers eating Snelle Jelle krachtige koek while boarding the public transport. This sparked my interest to try out this famous snack. Is it a cake or a bread? I am glad to share the answer after procuring a pack recently.

The krachtige koek, literally translated as powerful cake is actually an energy cake bar. This healthy snack has a faint gingerbread like taste and contains 30% less sugar and only 139 kcal per slice. It is not very sweet with a slightly bitter aftertaste, gingery taste to be specified. It may look dry at first glance but the cake texture is actually pretty moist. If you like gingerbread, you will quickly fall in love with krachtige koek.

The Shelle Jelle krachtige koek is so popular until it proudly displays the Number One energy cake bar in The Netherlands logo on every package. Next time when you crave for a slice of cake in between the main meals but worry about the calories, turn to Snelle Jelle krachtige koek. Or when you are on-the-go and would love to enjoy something different than the usual cereal or granular bars, Snelle Jelle krachtige koek could be a great alternative too.

Remember to opt for the less sugar version with the words Minder Suiker printed on the packaging. Do try out Snelle Jelle Krachtige Koek, the No 1 energy cake bar if you visit the the Netherlands.

energy cake car
Snelle Jelle krachtige koek (minder suiker)

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