First snow in the Hague

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The first snow of the year in the Hague for 2013!

I still remember a few days prior to ushering the new year, someone told me that we have already experienced the worst of winter season 2012-13. And how the coldest days were over and we should not be expecting any more snow in 2013.

Perhaps the person is wrong. We have just welcomed the very first snow for the year of 2013. It has been super cold for the past 2 days with temperature hovering around 0
°C. Without prior notification, many areas in the Hague are covered with around 5 cm of fresh white snow this afternoon.

Just a short 3 hours of snow transformed the roofs, cars and trees to be covered by a layer of brightly lit white linen. White Chirstmas feeling once again reverberated in my heart.

Time to have a cup of hot dark chocolate to warm my body and soul...

First snow for 2013

First snow of 2013
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